welcome to my Life!


Why This?

    Since I write books and (obviously) have an ample male ego, it occurred to me that some people who have read a book I have written might find it of some interest to find out a bit more about the odd renegade who wrote what they read.

    Also, having your own, personal web site is a great way to pick up chicks.

    In this site you will learn more than you ever wanted to know about Mike Engleman, that renegade from Texas--what he does, how he does what he does, why he does what he does.  You will also be exposed to some of his odd thoughts.

    Good luck with staying awake!

What Mike Does

    Each of us has experienced a life-changing event.  With the exception of being born, mine came at the end of my high-school sophomore year when I passed the typing class.  It was a great class to be in.  I was the only guy.

    Since that grand day, I have written.  I have done other stuff, too.  I was an auto mechanic who built his own hot rod in high school.  I like to dig in the ground and watch plants grow.  And, akin to digging in the ground, I fathered three thrilling children.  Which, I must admit, was a lot more fun than digging in the ground.

    But, ever since that life-changing day in May of 1955, when I earned a solid “B” in typing, I have written.  For most of my life, I wrote for anyone who would pay me to do it.  Recently, I have begun writing fiction because I have no choice.

    For more of the “What” stuff, go here.

How Mike Does What He Does

    Frankly, I’ve got no damn idea.  I sit in front of my trusty Macintosh and bang away on the keyboard, watching my words magically appear on the screen before me.  Better and easier than when I was banging away on my treasured Underwood (which now rests under a plexiglass cover bearing a small brass plaque which reads, “My Baby”).

    Writing fiction, for me, is like urping without the bad aftertaste.

    I have absolutely no idea where the words come from.  None.  They just come out of my fingertips. 

    Because of this, I always dedicate my fiction thusly:  “This story is humbly dedicated to my Creative Director and Chief Editor, Our Lord God.”

    This dedication does not come from some piousness I attempt to advertise or as an attempt to lead people to believe what I know to be true.  It is merely the truth. 

    For more of the “How” stuff, go here. 

Why Mike Does What He Does

    See above.

    Plus.  I once wrote this:  “And, through all the things I’ve been, I’ve thought, I’ve felt and I’ve done...I have written.  Most of the time I’ve written because it has been the best way I’ve known to make money. 

“Now, at age 73, retired and widow(er)ed, I believe I am writing to stay alive.”

For more of the “Why” stuff, go here.

About Odd Thoughts

    I warned you in the above introduction that, in reading this site, you risk being exposed to some of my sometimes (often?) rather odd  thoughts.  “Renegade Thoughts,” if you will.  You can avoid them by not clicking on the words “JUST THINKING” in the menu bar near the top of this page.

    If you have no concern for your sanity, go here.

Miscellaneous, Multifarious, Motley and Eclectic

    Opps!  This headline should have been at the top of this page.  Oh well, I hope you enjoy reading what I have loved (and continue to love) writing.

    Sleep well.

                                                                         —Mike Engleman

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