why mike does what he does


An Interesting Question

    Were you to ask me why I write, I’d probably tell you that I have no idea.  That I’d never asked myself that question.  I’d probably add that I don’t think much about “why”.

    And I might be telling you the truth.  Why does the sun rise in the west?  I don’t know.  Because it always does, I guess.  Why waste the time wondering about it?   Or, why does it seem that most politicians are power-hungry?  I don’t know.  I guess that’s the way we human beings are built.  They seem to always be seeking power.  Why waste the time wondering about it?

    So, if you asked me why I do what I do, I’d probably tell you that I do what I do because that’s what I do.

    And, maybe, I’d think I would be telling you the truth.

    Truth is, I’d have to admit that what I was doing was feeding you a proper meal of Texas Renegade BS.

    Truth is, I spend a lot of time wondering.  Those who know me well (including my best friends--my three kids) often accuse me of drifting off to “Mikey’s World.”  I think I spend a lot of time there. 

    I cannot recite for you a single fact, revelation, emotion or sense that I have learned in Mikey’s World.  All I know, for sure, is that I spend a good amount of time there--none of it voluntary.  I guess (but, I am certainly not sure) I like it there because it’s fun.

    So I will try to rationally answer the question:  Why does Mike do what he does?               

    A.  Mike is old and alone and he has to do something.  The only thing he knows how to do is type.

    B.  Mike loves getting others’ attention, so he’s always told stories to get it.  Writing them down is just another way of getting others’ attention.

    C.  Mike has found that writing stories is what he loves to do.  He believes it keeps him young and excited.

    D.  Mike has no choice but to write his stories.

    You pick the answer.  A, B, C, D...or all of the above.